There are many new start up businesses every year in a America. Though many of them fail, many of them succeed to become leaders in their industry. However, regardless of what a business does, it will need computer desks. It may need a few, or it may need a lot. For a business, cheap discount store furniture just will not do. You will spend biurka młodzieżowe more money replacing your office furniture than if you had just purchased a quality desk to start with. But, at the same time, a new business cannot afford thousands of dollars for high quality computer desks. That is where CUBE in-a-Box comes into play.

CUBE in-a-Box has everything you need to set up a cubby or computer desk in one box. It is not cheap like discount store furniture, but you won’t break the bank either. Their desks are easy to assemble and are targeted to the needs of a small business, though they can supply larger companies as well. CUBE in-a-box is always in stock and ready to ship, so you can buy now and be working at a new computer desk in about a week. CUBE in-a-Box desks are affordable, ergonomic, look trendy, are easy to put together and come with a lifetime warranty.

CUBE in-a-box offers five series of computer desks. They are:

V1 Series Small Cube (48″ x 30″). This small desk is perfect for at student, works great as a stand alone desk, or can easily be placed side by side, or back to back for use in call centers or for a telemarketing business. These basic desks have an adjustable work surface, an open work shelf, a raceway with data and power ports and a set of 2 paper trays with a pencil box – all the necessary basics. There is even a small raised side for privacy if you are coupling desks together. There is also an optional 30 drawer unit that can easily slide under any of the desks if more storage is needed.

V2 Series Corner Cube (68″ x 42″). This corner desk is great for a home or small office or for any company with limited space. It comes with the same items as above, except the work surface is the large “L” shape to fit in a corner. Two of these desks can be coupled in a variety of ways. There are four sides on this desk, the long back and short back of the computer desks, as well as the two short sides of the desks at either end. Any of the four sides can be paired with the matching side of another V2, which allows for a lot of flexibility to maximize space when setting up an office.

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