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Here are 50 top reasons to lose weight – Is one of them your weight loss cry?

I conducted a weight loss survey to find out the top three reasons for weight loss. The survey asked one question: What are your top three reasons to lose weight? You see,Need to Lose Weight? Here are 50 Top Reaosns to Lose the Weight Articles everyone who wants to lose weight has to have a valid reason.

* A reason so compelling that it will stop the food in mid-air – BEFORE it reaches your mouth. * A reason so valid that you a absolutely cannot fail. * A reason so strong that it will keep you motivated even on the leanbiome worst days. * A reason so strong that it motivates you to exercise even when you fell you cannot put one foot in front of the other

If you do not have a reason, then you have the yo yo diet syndrome. This syndrome features one diet after another.

You have to have a reason strong enough to keep you focused on your goal. It can be one reason or several reason

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